design and programming by @nik_sg [in a weekend game jam like 5 years ago]

character and item art by Oryx

Try your hand (card humour) at Card Bard - each card has a play cost that moves The Wheel by that number. Watch out for skulls, the trade off for playing more / expensive cards! Weapon cards will up your strength until you attack (clicking the wheel or going past the yellow notch), while spells and items will affect characters right away. Try to kill as many enemies as you can!

GenreRole Playing, Card Game
Made withUnity
Tagscard, ccg, Roguelike


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Same error here, this occur when the wheel take a complete lap

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The concept of The Wheel looks really cool! :0 Wish this was more developed, because it seems like it has potential!
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the game seems to crash whenever you make The Wheel do a whole turn